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As a training and consulting company, we help our customers to apply management systems and quality methods with added value.

In the context of product and process development, the focus here is on the preventive avoidance of errors through the professional use of the FMEA method. FMEA is an abbreviation for Failure Mode and Effects Analysis.

The smart FMEA software from smart quality solution is a reliable and standard-compliant tool for early and systematic assessment of potential risks of product or process defects and for investigating their causes and consequences. The identified risk is reduced through targeted measures.

Einzelplatzlizenz smart FMEA

What is special about the smart FMEA software?

Our idea was to combine the intuitive usability of Excel with the possibilities of a professional FMEA software!

With this tool, FMEA becomes a real added value for your company!

The exceptionally close networking between smart FMEA and the modules Process Flow Plan (PAP), FMEA (AIAG-VDA), Ishikawa Analysis and the Control Plan (PLP) ensures a continuous Product Engineering Process (PEP) beyond the Start of Production (SOP).

The software supports you according to the specifications of the current AIAG & VDA FMEA manual.

The heart is the smart input mask! This logic enables the simple linking of defect types with defect sequences and defect causes. This allows you to create your FMEA clearly and quickly!


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FMEA freshly created for you!

Risiken im Griff | Risks under control

Risks under control

Whether risk management in product development (DFMEA) or process development (PFMEA),

With our dashboard, you always have an overview of the respective task priority and action status.

Kunden begeistert | Customers enthusiastic

Customers happy

The clear and standard-compliant structure is clearly comprehensible for your partners.

Risk reduction makes your products and processes safer. Your customers will thank you for it!

FMEA Team glücklich | FMEA Team happy

FMEA Team happy

smart FMEA is the fastest way to create FMEA!

This is made possible by our input matrix, with the design protected by the European Patent Office.

The FMEA moderation is reduced to the essentials so that every team member understands the procedure. The resource time is used effectively!

Dokumentation durchgängig | Continuous documentation

Continuous documentation

Real added value comes from networking results.

We combine knowledge consistently from the process flow plan to FMEA with special features to the control plan and the Ishikawa analysis.

Wissensmanagement aktuell | Knowledge management up to date

Knowledge management up to date

Lessons learned are linked through our smart action management.

Findings, for example from customer complaints, are simply assigned to FMEA measures. The FMEA becomes a knowledge management tool!

Geld gespart | Money saved

Money saved

In addition to all the advantages of the smart FMEA software, it is also one of the most cost-effective solutions in the professional FMEA software sector. This means that you have more capital available for further investments in your company.

50% time saving in FMEA creation – 100% added value

50% time saving 

  • Describe error sequences and causes only once
  • Generation of the fault network through simple linkage
  • Multilingualism of the software
  • Elimination of structural adjustments during FMEA creation
  • Measures management
  • Automatic calculation of task priority (AP)

100 % added value

  • Best practice for FMEA planning and preparation
  • Integrated process flow diagram
  • Automated generation of:
    • FMEA in the VDA/AIAG form
    • Structure tree based on the FMEA
    • ISHIKAWA based on the FMEA
    • Control Plan based on the FMEA
    • Measures management mail dispatch
    • Change log
    • Dashboard with task priority (AP) and action status

Companies are faced with a choice:

Excel versus professional FMEA software


For FMEA creation, 65 out of 100 companies work with Excel as an FMEA tool. In the USA, almost 80% of the companies use Excel for FMEA creation.

The advantages of this are easy to find:

  • Simple operation
  • Cost effective tool

However, this is offset by weighty disadvantages:

  • Very time-consuming in FMEA creation
  • The effort involved in preparing the FMEA is in a poor relation to the benefit of the FMEA.
  • A further use of the compiled data, e.g. as an Ishikawa analysis or control plan, is not possible.
  • The application of FMEA in practice is therefore correspondingly inadequate.

Professional FMEA software:

What are the advantages of professional FMEA software?

  • Professional FMEA software solutions offer the possibility of effective and efficient FMEA use
  • The data developed can be used further, e.g. as a control plan (PLP).

Disadvantages of professional FMEA software solutions?

  • As a rule, professional FMEA software solutions are expensive
  • Very complex to use

This leads to a high training effort for FMEA moderators; more advanced functions, such as the Control Plan, cannot be used independently by internal quality planners.

Often, external consultants have to be hired to use these FMEA tools effectively. This means that the knowledge gained from the FMEA itself is only available to the company to a very limited extent. Knowledge that is needed for root cause analysis in the event of a customer complaint or is required as knowledge management for the documentation of lessons learned.

The solution is called: smart FMEA software

The professional, Excel-based FMEA software solution.


Figure 1: Simple FMEA creation by linking defect types with defect sequences and defect causes


Figure 2: Automated generation of the FMEA in the VDA / AIAG form


Figure 3: Automated generation of the PLP – Control Plan – based on the FMEA


Figure 4: Automated generation of the ISHIKAWA – based on the FMEA


Figure 5: Automated generation of the structure tree – based on the FMEA


Figure 6: Automated generation of the dashboard with action priority (AP) and action status – based on the FMEA

What steps are needed to create an FMEA?

The FMEA is created in 7 steps according to the harmonised standard of AIAG & VDA:

  • Step 1: Planning and preparation
  • Step 2: Structural analysis
  • Step 3: Functional analysis
  • Step 4: Fault analysis
  • Step 5: Risk analysis [AP]
  • Step 6: Optimisation
  • Step 7: Documentation of the FMEA results [NEW]

Figure 7: 7 steps of FMEA creation

We would be happy to show you how you can exploit the full potential of the FMEA method for your company – contact us!

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smart FMEA software – added value for your company!

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